7Benefits of Using Stand Up Pouches to Package Your Product

Stand up pouches are some of the most popular types of product packaging for consumables. You can consider several styles of pouches for your product, but free-standing packaging has the advantage of being highly visible. Learn more about seven benefits of choosing stand up pouches over lay flat pouches or rigid packaging materials. 

Added Convenience for Retailers and Consumers

Retailers and consumers can appreciate the convenience of stand up pouch packaging. These free-standing packages are highly visible on store shelves, which can make it easier for customers to notice products and help store associates determine when it is time to restock. Brands can also benefit from the visibility of custom stand up pouch designs.

Cost Reduction and Ease of Distribution

Flexible packaging is generally more affordable than rigid materials, in part because pouches use about 60% less plastic. The packaging-to-product ratio for stand up pouches is up to 10 times lower than for rigid packaging. Pouches also weigh less than rigid plastic, glass or metal packaging materials and it is possible to fit more flexible packages in boxes and on pallets for distribution, which reduces shipping costs and emissions.

A Full Range of Film and Finish Options

You can choose pouches made from the best flexible film for a particular product. Some of the most popular materials for stand up pouches include polyethylene and biaxially-oriented polypropylene, better known as PE and BOPP. A packaging provider can offer options to customize the look and feel of films with gloss, matte, soft-touch matte or metallized finishes.

Customizable Barriers to Preserve Products

Based on the packaging needs of a product, you can choose from mono-material or multi-material pouches with barriers. High vapor barriers are a popular choice for custom packaging bags, as these interior films can protect products in sealed packages from exposure to oxygen and moisture and limit the release of odor from packaging.

Stylish and Practical Design Options

The best packaging company offers options for customizing stand up pouches. In addition to digital package printing technology that allows for printing without plates and makes short runs more affordable, you can choose material design features such as clouded or transparent windows that reveal the product inside. Some practical options include hang holes for in-store display and tear notches for ease of opening.

Provide Features for Ease of Use

One of the best benefits of custom food packaging bags is the availability of features that make products easier for customers to enjoy. Some of these features include resealable closures to preserve freshness and smart packaging features, such as QR codes, that invite customers to learn more about products or participate in rewards programs.

Show Off Custom Packaging Designs

Visibility is the main advantage of stand up pouches over other flexible packaging designs. Packaging that stands up can make any design choices more apparent to customers. You should consider all of these benefits to determine whether stand up pouches are the right style of product packaging. A packaging partner can work with your business to design stand up pouches for any product.

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