Money Saving Tips For Car Rental In Casablanca

Car rentals in Casablanca are the easiest and most reliable ways to get around the city. It is also more cost-efficient compared to other transportation options. If you are planning on staying for long periods in Morocco, and would like to explore the beautiful city during your stay, here are few tips which help to go about car rent Casablanca without exhausting your bank account:

  1. Choose the Right Agency: If you are too busy and won’t have time verifying one company after another, then simply go through a reputable marketplace like OneClickDrive. This will simplify your booking process and also give you peace of mind knowing every car rental offer listed on this dignified marketplace has been verified and approved.
  2. Book In Advance: After selecting the rental company you wish to hire, the next thing is to book early. Booking in advance will help you secure discounted rates on rental prices, it also gives you enough time to look through other offers and change your booking when you find something cheaper and more reliable.  
  3. Look for Discounted codes: Before booking, always ask for promo codes as it can save you a lot of money. 
  4. Opt For Compact or Economy Cars: Given that compact cars are generally smaller and lighter compared to large trucks or SUVs, they consume relatively little fuel. Secondly, they have low rental charges compared with most vehicles. With fuel and rental cost minimized, it would be more economical to choose a compact car. 
  5. Look out for hidden charges: Some car rentals in Morocco have unconventional charges hidden somewhere in their terms and conditions. To avoid unexpected expenses, carefully review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and pay attention to factors such as mileage restrictions, additional fees for late returns, fuel policy and insurance. 
  6. Take advantage of Monthly or Long term Rental Options: Long term car rental in casablanca is traditionally accompanied with discounts on rental prices. When you commit to a longer rental period, you are likely to save money as well as enjoy the convenience of having a car at your disposal during your stay in Casablanca.
  7. Fill Up Tank Before Returning: Many car rentals in casablanca will charge you a fine if you return an empty vehicle after use. Remember to top up the tank before you return the car so you don’t have to incur extra costs.


While it may be a challenging task finding the cheapest most reliable car rental offer, adhering to the guidelines above will greatly simplify the process. All brand cars are easily available here so you can travel to all the places. So choose rent car in Morocco and explore Casablanca, Agadir or Marrakesh ect. However, it is always better to visit a reputable marketplace where you can get very reliable offers at the best prices.

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