What are the Different Ways to Withdraw Winnings in 918kiss

918kiss is always the center of attention and discussion among online gamblers and is well known for its immersive and massive rewards and promotions. It offers many opportunities to surprise its users with regular rewards and bonuses. You will always get a chance to win yourself some earnings every other day in the 918kiss online casino. 

Now that you have earned a whole sum of winnings from the generous platform of 918kiss, it is crucial to understand how to convert those rewards and bonuses into real money. The withdrawal methods could be more sophisticated but straightforward than other online casinos. 918kiss offers many withdrawal methods, including bank transfers, e-wallets, cryptocurrency withdrawals, and many more. 

Withdrawal Methods in 918kiss

Let us delve into the withdrawal methods in 918kiss and how convenient it is to use them. Read all these withdrawal ways thoroughly to carry out your withdrawal without confronting an issue. For more convenience while getting out your earnings from your 918kiss, one should identify which of the following methods provides its services in player’s regions. So, before deciding on a particular method, dig a little deep to determine if you have it in your region. 

Bank Transfers

The most common, preferred, and easy withdrawal method is the bank transfer. A whole number of players find bank transfers more convenient than the rest of the methods. It indeed is the simplest method of all. All you need to do is to link or affiliate your 918kiss account to your bank account. 918kiss allows you to connect your account to your bank account. 

Once your account is linked, you can go to the cashier section in your 918kiss account and choose a deposit. Choose withdrawal in the next window, and here we are. Just insert your banking details, and your winnings will be transferred to your account in due time. Just make sure to put the accurate information of your bank account to avoid any inconvenience or delays in the transfer. 


Next in line is the E-Wallet withdrawal method. E-wallet transfers are getting popular day by day with the progressive advancements and developments in digital banking and online transactions. 918kiss users can withdraw their earnings by choosing an e-wallet of their convenience, such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and many others.

To withdraw your winnings via e-wallet, you are required to log in to your 918kiss account and navigate through to the cashier section. Choose your preferred method as an e-wallet and put in your required credentials. Once verified, insert your desired withdrawal, and your winnings will be credited to your e-wallet in the devised time frame. 

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal

In the constantly digitalizing world, some believe and trust in the facelessness of cryptocurrencies and prefer dealing with cryptocurrencies. Well! 918kiss also considers this area to help players withdraw their winnings into their crypto wallets. Those players can get their credits in crypto wallets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 

To work out your withdrawal into your crypto wallets. Players are required to link their crypto wallets with the 918kiss casino account. The process necessitates the selection of the preferred cryptocurrency and linking your wallet address to your casino’s. Now confirm your transaction, and here we go. Crypto transfers are considered to be the fastest withdrawal method for your earnings. 

Local Payments Providers

We all know that the popularity of 918kiss sprung from Malaysia’s online casino industry. Therefore, Malaysian players are enriched with all the skills and qualities to win huge from the generosity of 918kiss. That is why 918kiss has affiliated itself with local Malaysian payment providers like Boost, GrabPay, and FPX.

Players can prefer the local payment option in the cashier section or in live chat with the customer support agent to go with local payment providers. Once you choose your payment methods, proceed with providing the required information to the agent and your assets will thus be transferred to your local payment services providers.  

Check Withdrawals

We know that the era of physical cheques is long gone. With the inception of credit and debit cards, even real money is going faceless. It won’t be far when we see no money bills in our pockets. All will be narrowed down to some numbers and figures on your credit or debit card. 

However, 918kiss still offers the physical cheque facility to those who prefer to deal with physical money. To get your winnings via cheque, you need to navigate through to the cashier section in your 918kiss account and select the preferred method as cheque. You will be required to provide your mailing address, too. This method is more time-consuming than others. 

Mobile Banking

If you are tired of visiting banks and yet can not wait for long enough to receive your winnings via cheque, 918kiss has got you covered. Many people these days have their banking accounts managed through mobile applications on their phones. These details and the convenience they offer to everyone have been taken into consideration by 918kiss, too. 

918kiss, hence, offers its player the chance to get their winnings in their mobile banking applications. To receive your rewards in your mobile banking application, you are required to link your mobile account with the casino account and request the desired withdrawal amount. You will get your winnings credited to your account upon approval. 

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, 918kiss now meets all its commitments to users of this fascinating online casino. Like its variety of games, 918kiss also provides a diverse range of payment methods while keeping the convenience of its players. It caters to its players not only with traditional bank transfers but also with modernistic transfers such as e-wallets and cryptocurrency. 

However, before choosing a withdrawal method, it is crucial to look at and consider many aspects of the withdrawal methods. Some of the aspects to mention here are the processing fee, the time required for processing the withdrawal, the availability of services in your area, the right time, and more.

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