Pre-Purchase Checklist of Used Car Inspection in Fiji

When we buy a used car, there is always some risk of getting scammed. Maybe you end up not getting a good deal. The car’s reliability is mostly not confirmed, and it can be a lemon. The proper inspection can help reduce this risk and be a great purchase. Properly inspecting the car can help reduce the risk of any crash.

You must thoroughly inspect the car before purchasing it or using it on the road to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone else and yourself. 

The consequences of an automobile that exhibits wear and tear or a technical malfunction are severe for both the buyer and other people. There are some reasons why car inspection is essential for buying a Japanese used car for sale in Fiji.

There is a list to follow before purchasing a used car to make it easy to find out or confirm the vehicle’s situation.

Mechanical aspects:

The mechanical features included in the inspections are those related to the car’s engine with help to drive the machine.

Engine: check the whole engine performance. While starting, does it make any unusual sound? Does the engine generate the smoke? Or you can see if their is any leaking from the engine.  Ensure the engine performance is good and does not need much maintenance. Suppose you get that the vehicle motor is not properly working, and it is exhaling dark smoke and creating noise. In that case, this can cause you trouble and is a significant source of air pollution and contaminates the environment. 

Other mechanical aspects include checking the transmission; the gear shifts smoothly. Mist does not find any fuel leak signs.

Checking the breaks is also compulsory; they must respond promptly.

Check the vehicle’s steering for any stiffness or disturbance in the wheel.

Safety features

Safety features are important for a safe ride and the safety of both the driver and the passengers. This also helps to avoid accidents and does not cause damage to the other drivers on the road.

Check the lights of the vehicle. Proper functioning lights, especially in the areas where light is low, increase visibility and help save driving.  These are the important safety light features that must run properly.

The crucial part of the vehicle is its tiers, which have direct contact with the road. Therefore, tracking signs of wear or tear on the tires helps drive on the road safely.

Check the seat belt and the airbag features of the car. This helps to keep them safe during any collision or misshape. Suppose there is any sign of cut or damage on the seat belt so that the airbag system functions appropriately.


Before buying a used car, ensure it has all the necessary documentation. 

Significant information regarding the vehicle’s past collisions is contained in the history report. 

This is to help you understand the car’s breakpoint or performance warning. 

Indicators of responsible ownership include regular servicing intervals and adherence to manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules.

Consult the experts.

Sometimes, finding the right used car with full inspection becomes difficult. SAT Japan is the ultimate solution to this problem. They make sure to ease their customer and provide the complete inspection and vehicle history.

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