Islamic Studies for Kids

Educating your kids with the knowledge of Islamic studies can affect their lives positively, and make them aware of the religion, its principles, and its role in getting righteousness. At the early stage of their life, if they learn about Islam, they can be a valuable asset for you and the society. However, Islam is a broad concept and has multiple branches of knowledge. 

Islamic Studies has no boundaries to cover and master. Therefore, for a better understanding of your kids, you can enrol them in Islamic studies courses specially designed for kids according to their intellectual abilities. The courses are designed in such a fun and engaging way that students can easily understand and learn their lessons. 

Various online institutions offer online Quran Classes and courses for Islamic studies. These courses cover various topics related to Islam and the Quran. Online Madrasa is one of the top-class online institutions offering different courses. Through the comprehensive knowledge of Islam, the institution helps the students to lay a strong foundation of Islamic studies. 

Here in the blog, you will learn about the basic and essential principles of Islam which you can teach to your kids by enrolling them in the courses offered by Online Madrasa. 

Islamic Studies Class for Kids or Junior Level 

Students can explore basic Islamic knowledge in the junior-level course for kids. The course included detailed knowledge about Islamic principles, history, and ethics. In addition, the course has many levels ranging from level 1 to level 6. You can enroll your kids at any level depending on their prior knowledge of Islam and their intellect level. The syllabus of the course includes the following:

What Kids Will Learn in the Islamic Studies Course?

Kids can learn various topics about Islam and the Quran.

  • Aqaaid
  • Fiqh
  • Islamic History
  • Hadith
  • Essential Duas
  • Yassarnal Qur’aan
  • Juz Amma/AmmaPara
  • 100 Sunnats


In the Islamic Studies course for kids, students can learn about the basic beliefs of Islam. They can learn in detail about Iman e Mufassal and Iman e Mujmal. 


The Fiqh course is very broad and expanded in many branches. However, the young students are taught about the basics of Fiqh so they can easily overcome their everyday problems. The students will learn the basics of Shariah’s principles, concepts, and sources. In addition, they will also learn the application of Fiqh principles in their everyday life. 

Islamic History

Kids need to be aware of Islamic history. Therefore, the management of the institution included Islamic history in the course. The students can learn about major events in Islamic history. Furthermore, the students are also taught the events before Islam, and how it changed the life of people after embracing Islam.


In the Islamic Studies course for the junior level, the students learn the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW. They also learn the importance of Hadith as the fundamental in Islam.  

Essential Duas

The classes for kids are particularly arranged to teach them some essential duas. They can recite the duas on different occasions of life. The essential duas include dua to eat, dua to sleep, dua to go to Masjid, and other duas with accordance to an occasion.  

Yassarnal Qur’aan

In the course, the students are taught about the basics of the Arabic Language which will help the students to understand Arabic scriptures related to Islam and the Holy Quran.

Juz Amma/AmmaPara

Usually, the young students learn the final portion of the Quran. In the course, students learn 37 short surahs of the Quran. They are instructed to recite these while offering the prayers. 

100 Sunnahs

The Students are taught the 100 sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW to instil the instructions and practices of Prophet SAW in their hearts and minds. The life of Hazrat Muhammad SAW is a guide for us in many events in our lives, including worship, relationships, hygiene, eating, etc. So, following the Sunnah of Prophet SAW, kids can deepen their connection with Islam. 


We have discussed the importance of Islamic studies for kids. In addition, we highlighted the key courses that kids should learn to enhance their understanding of the religion Islam. Furthermore, to educate your kids on the golden principles of Islam, it is recommended to enroll them in these courses. To register, you can visit the official website of Al-Quran Classes.

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