Festive  Sexy Lingerie Styles To Celebrate The Holidays

With so many different holidays to enjoy during the winter season, it’s time to invest in lingerie that matches the spirit of your outfit. When your lingerie fits well, it makes you more confident and comfortable at any event. Whether you’re decked out in Christmas gold for the corporate party or enjoying a dinner with the in-laws for Kwanzaa, start with a festive layer underneath, like bras and smooth underwear, to kick up your holiday cheer.

Sparkly Bralettes

Bralettes are a more comfortable option over bras, so this is the season to enjoy sparkly bralettes. A bra focuses on support, while a bralette is designed for light support and ease. Bralettes don’t use underwires nor heavy padding. A bralette won’t look as bulky under your festive holiday outfits. You can wear a bralette all day, making it versatile for parties and intimate get-togethers. Look for items that fit your body, instead of going by the size you always have gotten. The better the fit, the more you want to wear your lingerie.

Holiday Colored Lingerie  

Even if you’re the only one who will see your underwear for women, you know what you’re wearing and how you feel when you wear comfortable lingerie. Choose special colors for the holidays, purple for a Christmas party or blue for a Hanukkah dinner. Instead of selecting lingerie for practicality, go with something fun and exciting.

Red Lace Underwear

If you’re dressing for a special evening with your partner, go all out and find some red lace underwear that is sexy and inspiring. Look for different styles to create a perfect set that is comfy and enticing. Use our bra fitting tools to get the right size for your body. Lingerie shouldn’t be tight and unbreathable. It should help you feel better underneath your clothes by giving support and shape the way you want.

Winter Blue Lingerie

Ice blue is one of the favorite colors of the winter season. Find bras and underwear in one of the beautiful shades of ice. Some experts believe that wearing lingerie in unexpected colors make you feel differently from added power and confidence. It’s your secret weapon that no one ever has to know. You can feel sassy or sophisticated when you invest in colored lingerie.

Accentuate Your Best Assets

Holiday lingerie can help you set your best self forward, whether you’re dropping kids off at school or leading a book club. Choose bras that make you feel great and look great on you. Know the color combinations that help you look and feel like a million bucks from the boardroom to the bedroom. Holiday lingerie that you only use for a season can last a long time when you store it properly through the off-season. It will be like a surprise in your closet when you open up the holiday boxes to decorate the tree.

It’s been said that clothes make the woman. Choose your holiday lingerie to match your personality and style for an edge when you’re on the go.

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