Lights, Camera, Gambling: 3 Best Live Casino Shows for Novices

Welcome to the exciting world of live shows, a relatively new and dynamic format that’s quickly becoming a fan favorite in the casino realm! Metaspins live shows are not your ordinary real-money gambling experience; they are innovative games that blend multiple gambling favorites into one action-packed session.

But are novices ready to play that? I say solid yes.

Having spent… probably over a thousand hours in Crazy Time alone… I’m your guide to these whimsical live casino shows today! Read on to discover the top 3 live gambling shows for novices and what you must know about them before engaging! 

What Are Casino Live Shows? 

Betting on Crazy Time is what you start with when you want to get familiar with live casino shows 

Live shows differ from anything else because of the interactive experience. Of course, some elements of interaction are present in other games too (e.g., in crash games) but the shows are special in this regard. They transport players right into the heart of the action thanks to modern technology. You enter a digitally enhanced studio with cool equipment and CGI, and there are tons of mini-games there. They are super innovative and diverse. They range from Plinko to dice rolls and wheels of fortune, all designed to captivate and thrill.

These games are helmed by dealers who are trained entertainers who lead the proceedings with charm and energy (well, not always, but most often). They are streamed live, often in 4K resolution, allowing players to bet on real-time outcomes. 

These shows are typically powered by Random Number Generators (RNG), ensuring that every outcome is fair and unpredictable (and the casino can’t mess it up to win over you). This blend of entertainment, chance, and technology creates a unique, engaging experience indeed!

What Are the 3 Best Live Casino Shows in the Industry Novices Can Play? 

The live casino show scene is largely dominated by Evolution, a giant in the iGaming industry known for its extensive portfolio of live games. Let’s look at its hottest studios…

#1 Crazy Time (My Personal Favorite, BTW)

  • RTP: 94.41–96.08%
  • Max Win: 20K times your bet 
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.10/$5,000
  • Similar Games: Funky Time, Monopoly Live, and Dream Catcher. 

Crazy Time is that live game with a giant wheel spun by a live host. You bet on which number (1, 2, 5, or 10) you think the wheel will land on. What is important here is that most of the wheel is occupied by 1s and 2s. So they are more common but less rewarding. Higher numbers offer greater payouts but are riskier bets.

Crazy Time also includes several exciting mini-games:

  • Cash Hunt: Players choose targets on a screen hiding random multipliers.
  • Coin Flip: A coin flip decides which of two multipliers players receive.
  • Pachinko: A puck drops through a pegged board to determine a multiplier.
  • Bonus Wheel: Players select a flapper, then win the multiplier where the flapper points, with potential for doubles or triples, to increase the excitement and winnings.

This game simplifies roulette’s complexities into a straightforward, thrilling experience, perfect for those who enjoy quick decisions and the chance at big rewards. The RTP is quite high, and novices can easily manage their bankrolls, given that the minimum bet is super low! 

#2 Crazy Coin Flip 

  • RTP: 95.07%–96.06%
  • Max Win: $250,000
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.10/$3,000

Crazy Coin Flip marries the excitement of RNG slots with the thrill of live gaming, offering a unique, multi-phase gambling experience. Here’s how it unfolds:

  • Qualification Slot: Your journey begins by spinning to collect three scatter symbols. These symbols can boost your potential winnings with multipliers, propelling you into the live bonus game. For quicker qualification, opt for the XXXtreme spin modes, which increase scatter symbol chances at a higher bet cost.
  • Top-Up Slot: Having qualified, you’ll aim to increase your multipliers by matching coin symbols in a timed slot phase. Each color (red or blue) adds its multipliers to your total, setting the stage for the final showdown.
  • Live Bonus Round: The climax is a live-hosted coin flip, where the accumulated multipliers on either side (red or blue) can skyrocket your winnings based on the coin’s landing side.

So, the game is pretty easy, which makes it even better for novices! It’s an enjoyable and fast-paced experience that takes five rounds to grasp. 

#3 Deal or No Deal

  • RTP: 95.42%
  • Max Win: 500 times your bet 
  • Min/Max Bet: $0.10/$500

Deal or No Deal Live is, in fact, an online version of the TV game show, where you can win 24/7. The journey begins by qualifying through a wheel spin, aiming to align golden segments. This stage determines the biggest prize briefcase’s value, multiplied by 75x to 500x your bet. You can choose your difficulty for qualifying, with higher levels offering easier access but at a higher bet cost!

In the Top-Up stage, players increase potential winnings by adding money to briefcases before the live show starts. During the game show, the excitement peaks as 16 briefcases reveal their amounts in batches. Offers from the Banker come after each reveal, prompting players to decide: “Deal or No Deal?” 

The final twist allows players to switch briefcases before the last reveal, aiming for the highest possible payout. This live version encapsulates the suspense and decision-making that made the TV show a global hit, but it is just also a great option for novice gamblers!

Preparing for a Live Gambling Session: 5 Most Important Tips

Found the best game or want to explore further by trying everything yourself? Amazing! Don’t skip preparation, though. Here’s what to do: 

  • Bankroll Control: Set a strict real-money budget for each session. Decide how much you can safely lose (ensuring that the loss won’t affect your daily life), and never exceed this limit! Consider using tools offered by casinos to set limits on your deposits and bets.
  • Time Control: Allocate a specific amount of time for gambling and adhere to it. For example, I often set an alarm and close the game immediately after finishing the last round when it rings. Using alarms really helps, yeah. 
  • Emotional Control: Stay calm and collected, regardless of wins or losses. Emotional betting can lead to irrational decisions! Even if you feel a bit of frustration, it might be the right time to quit (plus, casino games are for fun, not rage). 
  • No Drinking: Alcohol (well, and some other substances, too) can impair judgment and decision-making skills. It’s best to avoid drinking while gambling to ensure you remain in control of your actions. BTW, don’t play if your medication alters your mind as well. 
  • No Distractions: Create a distraction-free environment. Turn off your phone’s notifications and choose a quiet place to play. Concentration is key!

Final Words 

To all the novice gamblers stepping into the vibrant world of live casino shows, I wish you the best of luck. Remember, gambling is not just about the wins but also the thrilling experience and the memories you create along the way. Play smart, stay safe, and most importantly, have fun. May fortune favor your bold moves, and may every session bring you closer to mastering the art of live casino gaming. Good luck!

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