Apple Watch Repair Services in UK

Apple Watches are expensive. It is made up of delicate and expensive components. In case of damage, it’s highly difficult to repair it, as parts are glued together fragile tiny parts. Every move made needs to be precise and that requires lots of patience, training, and specialized equipment to perform a successful operation. They fix any damage to/ issue in software, hardware, or cosmetic problems. A good and reliable repair facility uses high-quality parts that likely do not need replacement in the future. Customers have the wrong perception that they need to spend an absolute fortune on Apple Watch repair services. In most cases replacing a screen assembly indeed costs as much as a brand-new watch. An alternative affordable option is when an experienced and trained technician uses their skill to only replace the damaged parts and keep functional parts intact. 

How to Get Apple Watch Repair Services?

Where can we get the repair services for the Apple Watch?  Two ways of doing it.

1 – Instore Repair Service

Available for people located in the same city or nearby. They can just drop by in-store. This usually takes less time as low as an hour. 

2 – Postal Repair Service 

  • The process of getting the watch fixed through postal is as follows. 
  • Select the repair/ replacement on the website. 
  • Specify the model and send a picture while it’s switched on.
  • Pay for the selected service.
  • Send the package and give details. 
  • After receiving the package, a diagnostic examination is done at the store.
  • If another repair is required, the customer is informed, and if the customer agrees they proceed to do that repair too. 
  • Some aim to return the device the same day after fixing it. Some need 1 to 3 days and then send it back. 

Apple Watch Repair Services

Repair stores in UK put a lot of useful info on their website for prospective customers. The following information is available on the website regarding the repair and replacement service of the Apple Watch. 

Repair price- To avoid confusion and hassle of going back and forth. 

Repair Time – The exact time required for repair helps the customer in scheduling it. 

In-stock status – It helps the customer see if the parts they are looking for are available thus avoiding any inconvenience later.

Disclaimer – Help customers from having wrong expectations from repair and replacement.  

Detail of makes and models -Customers can choose the exact service they need for their watch. 

The service-winning features are  

Keep OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in huge stock so no need to wait for the arrival of parts.

Fast– It takes as little as 1 hour in-store whereas 1-3 days through postal.

Professional – Skilled, trained technician to do the job.

High-quality replacement parts

The company provides trusted and fast shipping labels for sending watches. 

Tracked and insured delivery to ensure safe arrival.

Online Ordering guarantees the reservation of required parts in advance.

Customer service to help and answer queries. Customers can reach through call, WhatsApp, or email.

Types of Repairs 

Apple watches need repair and replacement in case of damage.  Apple warranty doesn’t cover glass’s accidental damages. The battery wearing down due to normal use isn’t covered either. Apple charges a fee for it.

They provide cost-effective solutions saving customers lots of bucks. For example, if the outer glass screen is cracked instead of replacing the whole display assembly, only damaged parts are replaced. But the display behind must be fully functioning, so customers must ensure this before shipping.

Some repair and replacement services 

  • Outer Screen Cracked
  • Battery
  • LCD Screen 
  • GPS Battery 
  • Side button 
  • Crown 
  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Rear housing

Additional Services 

Warranty –Warranty available for labor, parts, and repair for 90 days. The warranty is only for the used parts in repair.

Full Refunding – Fee is refunded if fail to fix the issue in the watch.

Damage Recovery- If damage happens during the repair, it will be done without charging it to the customer. 

Many provide fast, reliable, and quality Apple Watch repair services including TechLabz


Apple Watch repair services help not only to revive your precious possessions but also save you money. The store provides repair solutions for all types. The availability, both online and offline enables customers to access from anywhere. The online process is quick and easy to go through. The tracked delivery ensures the safety of the parcel.

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