5 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety Going Into the New Year

It is normal to review the past year with the new one right around the corner. Unfortunately, reviewing the past can often create feelings of regret or worry, which can overshadow the excitement for the year to come. Suddenly, instead of focusing on new goals and challenges, you are weighing your current achievements against the could-have-been accomplishments, the things you wanted to do but didn’t. That type of assessment often leads to anxiety. While you can treat your anxiety with over-the-counter medications like Brillia, always read Brillia reviews from parents before taking it. Also, try to combat stress without medicine first. You can do so in five ways.

1. Set New Goals

While it is easy to regret things you didn’t accomplish over the last 12 months, that regret is unhelpful. Reframing regret by creating new goals or reinventing old ones is better. For example, if you are upset you didn’t lose the weight you wanted to over the past year, make a new goal of losing 10 pounds by summer in the new year.

When making goals, make sure they are manageable and realistic. You also want to make your goals measurable. Therefore, saying you want to lose weight or get healthier in the new year is not as effective as creating a goal of losing 10 pounds in three months.

2. Connect With Supportive People

The best multivitamin for ADHD and anxiety can help combat anxiety, but finding support is often more effective. Most people can find support from family and friends if they only ask for it. If you don’t have a built-in support network, consider finding an anxiety support group. You can find local meetings and virtual gatherings for people struggling with anxiety.

3. Find a Hobby

Anxiety might be the result of overthinking. Some people have a hard time turning their brains off and relaxing. If you are constantly thinking about work projects or interactions you had during the day or meetings you dread, consider finding a hobby. Hobbies are healthy distractions. Maybe you like writing or reading. Perhaps you are good with your hands and want to build, or you like puzzles. Find something you can get lost in for an hour or more daily.

4. Get Organized 

Clutter is the enemy of a healthy mind. When your space is disorganized, it is easier to develop anxious behaviors. Also, if you have ADHD, clutter can make it harder for you to focus and complete tasks. While ADHD over-the-counter medication can help combat symptoms of anxiety, you won’t resolve the underlying cause of the issue until you address the clutter in your life. 

5. Use Medicine

While many people do not like to take medication to treat anxiety and other mental health conditions, sometimes their options are limited. Severe anxiety can interfere with relationships and careers. Prescription medications can help stabilize your emotions and allow you to take back control of your life.

Developing anxiety going into the new year is common. Some people may only experience mild to moderate symptoms that can be countered with OTC medicine and supplements. However, severe anxiety often needs prescription treatments. Consult a mental health professional to learn more.

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