10 Panel Drug Test Dip Card

In conducting a smooth and successful drug test, it is of utmost importance that your drug test be effective. An effective test kit comprises many elements and each has to support the purpose it is being used for. Also, a person must select the right and appropriate test kit for the test they wish to conduct. We all have heard of 10 panel drug test. This is a drug test that screens for 10 dedicated drug elements. For this, you should have an appropriate 10 panel dip drug testing kit. 

What is a 10 Panel Drug Test? 

A panel drug test can screen for a variety of drug elements in a body. The numeric digit in the name reflects the number of elements a test can screen. For example, in the case of a 10-panel drug test, you can screen for 10 different elements. Tests such as 10-panel onwards are ideally and significantly used across the globe.

Their importance is immense in offices and government facilities. One primary reason for this is that the greater number of screening elements ensures a comprehensive screening for a single person. Hence, the reduced cost that one would pay for a single test is considerably reduced. 

What Does a 10 Panel Drug Test, Test For? 

Drug tests are devised to screen for as many number of elements as their name suggests. A 10-panel drug test will screen 10 different elements. But often people do not exactly know the names of 10 drugs that they screen through this panel test. These 10 drug elements are as follows.

  1. Amphetamines 
  2. THC
  3. Cocaine
  4. Opiates 
  5. Phencyclidine 
  6. Barbiturates 
  7. Benzodiazepines 
  8. Methaqualone 
  9. Methadone
  10. Propoxyphene 

You can also look and search for a 10 panel drug test near me to get more knowledge regarding this test type. You can also consult a lab to find out whether you can undergo a rapid test for swift results or should you have a regular drug test. 

10 Panel Drug Test Kit

Now we move to the ever-important factor of having the perfect kit for performing an ideal drug test. In general, an ideal test kit comprises a test cup, test screen or dip card, and or test strips. To perform an ideal test, you will need to get your urine sample in a test cup and dip the test screen into the cup for screening elements. Here’s the ideal use of each of the test kit elements.

A Test Cup

In basic, a test cup is a transparent plastic cup of a universal size. It is wide enough to contain your urine sample and begin the screening process. Most people hesitate to get a dedicated test cup from a drug store but it comes with added benefits such as test strips. 

A Test Strip

Generally, test strips come inside a test cup for swift, quick, and accurate results. When there is a urine sample in the test cup with strips, it becomes easier to gain results. Moreover, your dedicated test cup comes with dedicated strips. For example, in a dip drug test 10 panel, the test cup will be dedicated with containing 10 dedicated test strips to screen each element. 

A Dip Card or Screen

A single product that may go by the name of a dip screen or a dip card, is one of the most effective screening elements. A dip card contains small screens against each element to be screened. Like above, the card will be efficient to screen only a dedicated number of drug elements. Hence, a 10 panel drug test dip card will screen and display the results of 10 drugs that it can screen.

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